Welcome to my portfolio. I am Full Stack Web Developer based in Dublin with 8 years coding experience. I enjoy both front and back end development.

Currently I'm working full time for StubbsGazette. Despite being full time employee I find time to work on my own projects. You can find them below.

If you are interested in cooperation do not hesitate to contact me using the form above.


The main goal of this project is to create a lightweight js library/starter pack with basic spreadsheet functionality that is easy to be extended.

Visit page it's a simple in use service where you can shorten your long urls. As a registered user you can asign your own aliases to urls to make them more user friendly. You can monitor number of visits of your url and analize behavior patterns of your adiance.

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Safe images it's a micro website where you can check if your image file contains any sensitive data. If it does you are able to remove it before you post it anywhere on the internet.

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We pride ourselves on building powerful yet simple software tools. Signup is quick and easy so whether you’re looking for a CRM, password manager or survey application you’ll be up and running in no time. Feel free to browse our software tools at or check out who is already using us!

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Projects with StubbsGazette

StubbsGazette is a market leader in Business Information, Credit Referencing, Compliance, Debt Recovery and Software Solutions in Ireland.

Below you can find projects where I was a lead developer and designer.

Brochure website for StubbsGazette featuring Online shop and credit bureau search functionality.

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Stubbs Credit Bureau

Online search engine for consumer and corporate detrimental data across Ireland, United Kingdoms and Norther Ireland.

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